Saturday, December 02, 2006

Liberals Stay Liberals

Whew, good news for the Liberal Party of Canada they elected Dion. The Liberals we have loved and hated for thirteen years are back.

They had the choice between going neo-conservative with Igantieff, but rejected him. They could have gone social democratic but rejected Rae. They could have renewed the party but they rejected Kennedy and Martha Hall-Findlay.

Instead they embraced Dion like an old wool sweater, the Professor appointed by Chretien and promoted by Martin. Dion brings unity to the Liberal family, embracing a smiling Chretien and Martin on stage, they know, wink, wink, nothing has really changed in the party. The Natural Governing Party is again secure in the hands of the old guard.

Liberal Leadership Race

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Charlie Barnard said...

Give me a break. According to CBC a vote for Dion was a vote to reject the backroom politics. You do know that all the backroom boys were on Ignatieff/Rae teams right?

eugene plawiuk said...

And Raes organizers wnet over to Dion lickety split. As did most of the other Candidates and their supporters. He is the man of the middle.