Saturday, December 02, 2006

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Tory dirty tricks at the Liberal Convention were paid for by Taxpayers. Government employees members of the Tory party were active in dirty tricks campaigns on the Liberal convention floor. Importing American style politics into Canada. This like the Haskett campaign in London Ontario that saw Environment Minister Rona Ambrose's media relations flack , a government employee, working on her campaign. Your tax dollars at work.

Delighted Tories say they helped knock Rae out of Liberal race

One Tory operative described how a handful of government supporters proliferated at Liberal parties throughout Montreal on Friday evening and handed out anti-Rae buttons.

"Make Bob the first NDP prime minister," one button said.

Another button aimed at underlining Rae's tumultuous time in Ontario said: "Vote Bob. Who needs Ontario?"

The party made similar buttons for all the other candidates - but it was mainly for show. Rae was their main target, said a government official.

One Conservative aide took pride in pointing out that his party fabricated an internal party memo suggesting their troops were most afraid of Michael Ignatieff - and most anxious to face Rae.

The ersatz memo was leaked to a pair of English-and French-language newspapers and ran under headlines that cast it as a behind-the-scenes peek at Tory strategy.

The name of Tory campaign chair Doug Finley, the supposed author of the memo, was stamped on the document as an afterthought.

The Tories then made arrangements to get the memo leaked through a third party to English and French newspapers, Tory sources said.

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Technetium said...

"paid for by Taxpayers"

Any substantiation for this? cus if it's true that is not cool.

eugene plawiuk said...

What does 'governmnet official" mean to you?