Monday, December 18, 2006

Man O Steel

Time's Newsmaker of the Year RH Stephen Harper, man of steel;

has set himself the messianic tasks of remaking Canadian federalism by curbing Ottawa’s spending powers and overhauling Canada’s healthcare and social welfare system…

The Blogging Tories are gleeful, like children at Christmas. Overlooking on the fact he was only news in the 'Canadian' Edition of Time.

Stephen Harper is Time Canada Newsmaker of the Year

Thanks to them Canadian content rules of the CRTC, them rules the Conservatives love to hate.

Because in the US edition of Time a different autocrat was featured;
People Who Mattered: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad An Interview with Iran's Agitator

And Harper did not even make it across the border as a newsmaker. He was left out of the U.S. Edition of People Who Matter 2006





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