Monday, December 18, 2006

Man Of The Year

Hugo Chavez.

Singer, Popular TV Show host, revolutionary, socialist,Anti-Imperialist, heir of Castro, and democratically re-elected President of Venezuela, for a third time!

Hugo Chavez who was in the lead and the WINNER of Time Online Poll for Person of the Year 2006. He did not even win as their newsmaker of the year.

Even if he had the best performance at the UN.

He did make it as a runner up in the US edition though, unlike our PM Stephen Harper.

Who Should Be Person of the Year?
TIME's Person of the Year is the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or for ill, and embodied what was important about the year. Who do you think fits the bill this year?

35% Hugo Chavez

21% Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

11% Nancy Pelosi

11% The YouTube Guys

8% George W. Bush

7% Al Gore

5% Condoleezza Rice

2% Kim Jong Il

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