Thursday, December 07, 2006

What About Afghanistan Mr. Layton

Here was a perfect opportunity to criticize Flip Flop Dion, and the NDP missed it, focusing instead on incidentals, that have ticked off a good amount of Dipper Blogs.

The New Democrats do a little better. They attack Dion for his record as environment minister, which is exactly what they should be doing - They also quote him as supporting the mission to Afghanistan, which is half-way there - but for some reason they avoid accusing him of flip-flopping through his later (quasi-) opposition to the mission.

Yeah what about that Jack. Dion flip flopped on Afghanistan in order to get Gerard Kennedys support and supporters. Certainly that is more of an issue than Liberals who will be supporting the Tories SSM Motion.

Even this scoop that the NDP could have used against Dion to prove the Liberals are still Liberals rather than leaving it to blow over, post-convention.





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