Thursday, December 07, 2006


Just to get this clear, Bev Oda Minister in charge of the Status of Women says that;

a.) budget cuts to Status of Women were done for efficiency b.) the cuts will be part of the $1 billion dollar savings that the Tories announced in April c.) money is being wasted on advocacy so we are closing Status of Womens offices saving taxpayers $5 million dollars.

Yesterday she told the house in Question Period that; a.)Money saved will go directly to women b.) All $5 million saved closing Status of Womens offices and closing advocacy programs will not be part of the cuts announced in Apri. The savings will be spent 'directly' on women.

So which is it?

This is after all the government that claims it is taking care of taxpayers money by cutting ineffciencies like Status of Women, Environmental programs, Museums, Court Challenge Program.

And of course when caught in a fib well blame the Liberals. Oda says the Liberals cut funding to Status of Women three times, so there. Nyahh, Nyahh. Except those cuts were wrong as well.
Women’s website takes aim at Tories’ nickel and diming



Status of Women

Bev Oda

Tory Cuts

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Anonymous said...

Hi Eugene,

Thank you for your blog posts. They are always interesting. As a francophone, I would like give you a tip to improve your blog and save some face.

If you want to tell readers that your blog is "a left-wing review" as the title in French suggest, then it should be called "La revue de gauche". Unless you are making a joke, intending it to mean "the awkward review" in which case you should only correct the "le" for "la" since "revue" is feminine.

I read your review often and would like it to have a favourable perception. Please change the title to save face and restore the blog its respectable status.

eugene plawiuk said...

You say La I say Le lets call the whole thing off. I used a web based translator, and thats how it came out. So I guess I live with it.