Thursday, December 07, 2006

Irony Thy Name is Zaccardelli

Ironically, Zaccardelli is the only federal official who has offered a public apology to Arar for his treatment. The government has refused to do so, pending negotiations on financial compensation.

Because the Government is full of those who called Arar a terrorist and demanded harsher, brutal treatment of him and carte blanche for the RCMP to round up more of those listed in their terrorist profile.

A teary-eyed Giuliano Zaccardelli says he's stepping down as RCMP commissioner with a clear conscience, having told the truth and done the right thing.

And the only reason Zaccardelli had crocodile tears for us today was because he was covering for those Mounties that screwed up.

More junior officers who actually conducted the investigation of Arar — and made the mistakes that led to his ordeal — continue to serve with the Mounties and in some cases have won promotion.

Zaccardelli, standing in front of a backdrop photo of charging Mounties on horseback, told a news conference that he’s resigning to help preserve public confidence in the Mounties.

We won't have confidence in the RCMP or the New Law and Order Government until there are resignations or firings of the Mounties responsible for the Arar affair, for leaking false information after the fact and for raiding an Ottawa Journalists home for having recieived the leaked information, imprisoning her illegally.


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