Friday, December 08, 2006

A Whimper

Not with a bang but a whimper....

Drowned out by the blare of Dions Dual Citizenship, Same Sex Marriage, the Arar Affair and RCMP Comissioner Zaccardelli's resignation. And oh yes a full fledged PMO PR announcement, with ministers in tow, calling for a ban on toxic chemicals.

The accountability act passed in the house today, after a side deal between Liberal and Conservative House Leaders to pass it expeditiously.

— The House of Commons unanimously accepted an amended accountability act Friday with some 90 changes.

The Conservative government’s showpiece legislation passed through the House without a recorded vote and is now set to get royal assent and pass into law early next week.

The bill received all-party support.

“This is an accomplishment we can be quite proud of,” New Democrat MP Pat Martin said in a release.

NDP hails passing of Accountability Act

Average Canadians can expect more ethical government after today's passage of the Federal Accountability Act. While the final bill is not perfect, NDP MPs worked tirelessly and achieved key improvements in areas such as stopping patronage, protecting whistleblowers and reining in powerful lobbyists.

So now will John Baird tone down the Scream Queen routine in the house since he will no longer have the Accountability Act to refer to when he bitches out the Liberals. And my goodness after all his attacks on the 'Liberal Senate' for delaying his bill well now he is signing a different tune. He sheepishly admits to being proud of the Senate amendments.

In fact since he is so fond of using newspaper quotes in his Ministerial responses in Question Period here is one
I look forward to him quoting.

Treasury Board President John Baird did not dispute that the bill is improved as a result of the Senate examination, which involved dozens of witnesses commenting over weeks of hearings this autumn. Baird said outside the Commons, "this bill is a heck of a lot stronger than it was when we introduced it on April 11. If anything, it's tougher — so we're proud of that.

So the NDP and the Senate have as much to be proud of as the Harpocrites. Probably more so because all their amendments passed.

Imagine that.

Probably the reason the Harpocrites underplayed the fact it was up for the vote today. And why they had no 'formal' comment on it, aside from Baird being scrummed, while the NDP issued a press release. Out manuvered by the NDP on their numero uno election promise.

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