Friday, December 08, 2006

Two Strikes For Chong

If I was MP Michael Chong I would be worried since this is two strikes, and he is a member of a three strikes law and order government.

Michael Chong was one of a dozen Conservatives who voted against reopening the same-sex marriage debate in the House of Commons yesterday.This is the second time in a week the Wellington-Halton Hills MP has expressed a view contrary to the party's.Last week, Chong resigned from his cabinet position after stating he couldn't support a motion by Prime Minister Stephen Harper that recognized the Québécois as a nation.


Whipping Boy

Michael Chong


Same Sex Marriage

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ferrethouse said...

At least Harper didn't force him to vote a certain way. That only happens on the benches occupied by Liberals.

eugene plawiuk said...

But Mr. Harper did he forced him to resign over the Quebec vote which was whipped. So whats the dif? Nothing. And when is a free vote not a free vote, when you know the majority of your party will vote the way you do so you can be magnanimous in allowing dissidents their say. Lets see if the government were to fall over a vote you think they would not whip.