Friday, December 08, 2006

Canada's Wealthy, Still

Dems dat's got gets. Dem that don't doesn't.
In terms of distribution, the (Stats Canda) report finds a worsening situation with regard to wealth inequality. By quintiles, the largest gains in net worth accrue to the top quintile (up 43% from 1999) and things scale down from there; the bottom quintile had a 70% decline in net worth. In the supplementary tables, it is notable that there are now over one million households with over a million dollars in net worth. These households, 8.2% of families, hold 46.5% of the total net worth. Overall, the top 20% had 69.2% of total net worth, while the bottom 20% had 2.4% and the bottom 60% had 10.8%.

Which is why I say the working class should pay no taxes.





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