Friday, December 08, 2006

Credit Where Credit Is Due

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See what toxic chemicals can do to you I have two heads

Yes the new ban on toxic chemicals is a great step forward. However I did notice that after Head Honcho Steve announced the ban, it was Medicare Minister Clement that took the press scrums and did the interviews. Environment Minister Rona Ambrose was there to look good for the photo op but took no questions nor appeared on the talk shows, despite Steve saying this was part two of the Conservatives Green Plan. She has been MIA for the past month at various meetings. Now she shows up and is used as a prop, now whose being sexist?

Clement did mention en passant that it took Government scientists seven years to arrive at a valid system of classifications for over 2,300 toxic chemicals. No small feat that. So I must conclude that the project was begun under the Liberals, and came to fruition under the Harper Government. So I guess the Liberals did do something about environmental health after all.

The irony in the Tories tough love announcement on regulating toxic chemicals, is that regulations are great but you have to have someone enforce them. And that happens to be one of the cuts the Tories made for efficiency. They cut regulation enforcement staff.

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