Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Alberta Tar Sands & US Energy Security

CBC Canada News Now is reporting that they have obtained the minutes of a secret bilateral meeting of Big Oil and both the U.S. and Canadian governments a week prior to George Bush's State of the Union Speech last year when he declared that the U.S. was addicted to Middle East oil.

It took place in Houston prior to the State of the Union speech and prior to Harper announcing Canada was poised to become an Energy Super Power.

And Big Oil and its Big Government pals all agreed that in order to decrease Amercian dependence on 'foreign oil' it needed to increase it's reliance on Alberta, the tar sands in particular. You see under NAFTA we are partners, not a foreign power. And the minutes called for a five fold increase in tar sands start up operations in the next few years.

Which puts today's announcement from the Conservatives on increasing the use of nukes in the tar sands as an alternative energy source in an interesting light. It would solve one of the expenses of start up operations.


Tar Sands


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