Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Conservatives Glow Green

The announcement by the Conservative Government of extra funding for science and technology was aimed at benefiting the utilities, King Coal and Nukies.

There was representation from public utilities, private utilities, and the Ontario Power Workers Union their co-partners in nuclear power in Ontario. One of the few union backed P3's in Canada.

The room glowed as Natural Resources Minister Gary Lunn proclaimed the era of nuclear steam injection for the Tar Sands.

Well that is a better idea than the original plan which was to detonate and atomic bomb, a teeny tiny one, in the tar sands creating a sea of molten bitumen.

But nuclear powered steam injection remains problematic since it will produce toxic waste, and still wastes water, which is already scarce thanks to expanded Tar Sands operations. It looks like everyone. including
Liberal leader Stephane Dion, is pro nuke when it comes to the Tar Sands.

Taking another page from Ralph Klein, Lunn declared that the government would invest in clean coal technology, someone woke up the Tories and they have discovered that you could sell this technology to India and China. At least Lunn recognized that clean coal technology doesn't exist yet, Ralph claimed it did.

Nukes for Ontario and Nukes for Alberta, and a uranium boom for Saskatchewan. And Saskatchewan gets to be the dumping ground, literally, for nuclear waste and CO2 sequestration.

Now about those unsightly toxic radioactive wastes.....well.....we can solve that the future.....there is technology being developed.

Isn't that how we got in this mess in the first place?!


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