Monday, January 22, 2007

Baird Pushes Aside Native Elder

As seen on TV. In his rush to shake hands with the Premier of B.C., gotta get that photo op , Federal Conservative Environment Minister John Baird pushed aside the outstretched hand of the Haida Elder and ignored him through out this announcement;Ottawa vows $30-million to protect Great Bear

And just to clear the air, how much are they giving?
Canada To Spend $25m On Rainforest Plan

Hmm it seems there is some conflict over how much that cheque was for....

Groundbreaking Great Bear Rainforest Agreement Secures $120 Million

Canada gives $100m to save Spirit Bear Rainforest



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Walks With Coffee said...

Do you have the video clip of this?


Unfortunately no, neither CBC, CTV or YouTube has it posted. Yet....