Monday, January 29, 2007

Compare and Contrast

Sometimes it's just impossible to seperate the right wing from the right wing, in this case, as with the recent debate in the blogosphere over minimum wages, some Liberal blogs at Progressive Bloggers sound just like Blogging Tories on the issue of the NDP calling for an end to bank service charges and ATM's.

Which shows, once again, that despite the catcalls from the right the Liberals are no more progressive or left wing than the Conservatives.


Service Charges


Bank Profits

Progressive Bloggers

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Scott Tribe said...

Gee Eugene.. you're sure painting (us)Liberals with a big broad brush, aren't you?

Scott Tribe said...

1 other thing, Centereion isnt a Liberal.. he's been quite clear in the past he's a supporter of Harper.. even though he calls himself a centrist and is a mmember of Prog Blog due to his liberal views on social matters.

eugene plawiuk said...

Gee I couldn't tell the difference between him and Cherniak. And on what social matters do the Liberals and Conservatives not agree on? Afghanistan? you sent troops first, abortion? There were Liberals at anti-abortion rallies. Same Sex Marriage? Opps there were Liberals who opposed this.
Neo Liberal economics? Martin cut and slashed like Klein and Harris, same time same ideology.
Human Rights? Liberals introduced C28 Anti-Terrorist Security Act.
Maher Arar? Busted and tortured on under the Liberals.
Yep I sure do paint with a broad brush.

Mike said...

Good ole Centurion Andrew... I left him a long comment where I channeled Dean Baker and the Nanny State Conservative and he seems to have decided that my comment was not worth of publishing. Frankly I'm curious why he even has a comments section on his blog, the coward.