Monday, January 08, 2007

Editorial Comment

I see my editorial comment on Peter MacKay's secret surprise unannounced propaganda visit to Afghanistan has upset some partisan Blogging Tories, in particular BBS and Steve Janke. Hello its called editorial comment.

And Mr. Janke is concerned I am implying Peter MacKay is a pedophile. But child brides are ok in Afghanistan. That is the real crime. Which was my point, stated in a pointed way.

You can't be a pedophile if its ok in the country you are in to marry a child bride can you? And if it is pedophilia then I would expect Janke to be outraged, as I was, over the conditions of exploitation girls and women still suffer under the Karzai regime. But of course Janke wasn't nor was MacKay.

Janke would rather attack me personally and then attack the NDP as if I was a partisan blog for the NDP, which I am not. Missed my post on partisan blogging did we Steve. Missed Libertarian Communist Blog in my header did we.

The Harper government continues to prop up a misogynist anti-women regime that allows child brides. But the silence of the Harper government over the lack of womens rights in Afghanistan is deafening. But then they don't believe women's equality is important in Canada so why should it be important in Afghanistan.

Peter MacKay zooms over for a Harper propaganda photo op handing out some token funds to women, while avoiding the issue of the current famine and drought and families selling off child brides to survive.

Of course child brides are an offense to all right thinking folks, which was my point. But clearly my supposedly besmirching Mr. MacKays reputation is more important to a partisan hack like Janke than the condition of girls and women in Afghanistan.

Nothing new there, both BBS and Janke are Blogging Tories.

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Anonymous said...

I really do need to have a book called the "Idiot's Guide to Trackbacks" or something because I can't figure the damn things out.

Anyways, I linked to this article here:

Anonymous said...

The point is not that I'm upset (I'm not -- your opinion is really not all that important to me). The point is that you NDP bloggers wonder why the party is not getting the message out using blogs. As long as you continue to make comments like the one you did on this post (and those others I mentioned), and the party pros are going to be very wary of being identified too closely to you.

Notice that I'm not demanding that you apologize. I really don't care. I'm just observing how your behaviour is limiting your effectiveness as a serious blogger.

But thanks for missing the point altogether.

eugene plawiuk said...

Thanks Steve for all the recent hits to my blog. I was a relatively unknown until you decided to put me in your gunsights. For some reason you seem to have a lot of government types reading your blog, and thus my blog has been popular with the following folks, via your your blog;
Canadian House Of Commons, Industry Canada,B.C. Hydro, Dept of Foreign Affairs,
folks reading your blog on the taxpayers dime.

AwaWiYe said...

Everyone appreciates a laugh in the middle of a hard working day solving real problems with practical ideas.

Anonymous said...

True enough, I've got seriously good quality traffic. Plus some very cool contacts in my Blackberry. I'll be meeting a bunch of them tomorrow as a guest at the corporate box at...but I bore you with the details.

The fact is my comments are aimed at the thoughtful and serious blogging dippers. If they can distance themselves from, well, those other dippers, they can contribute to the debate in a constructive way. That would be a good thing for all of us. It's a shame -- Canadian blog readers ought to enjoy commentary from all points on the political spectrum without having to deal with so much dreck.

I wish those dippers the best.

eugene plawiuk said...

I have made lots of constructive comments on my blog. Like this one. And of course you have chosen not to debate them so give it a break.