Saturday, January 06, 2007

Harpers Senate Reform

PM Stephen Harper has elected to appoint another Senator as a part of his Cabinet. This time Senate House Leader Marjorie LeBreton as Secretary of State in charge of Seniors. A portfolio that has fiscal responsibilities that are crucial for being addressed by parliament, but won't be. Another example of Harpers Senate Reform.

Canada's new government is acting to address the needs of seniors through the introduction of a series of important measures that include:

- A proposed change in tax policy for seniors, beginning in 2007, permitting income splitting for pensioners;

- Bringing forward legislation to make it easier for seniors to apply for and receive the Guaranteed Income Supplement;

- Increasing the Pension Income Credit from $1,000 to $2,000 per year - putting almost $900 million back in the hands of seniors over the next two years; and

- Introducing a Tax Fairness Plan that will increase the age credit by $1,000 (from $4,066 to $5,066) effective this tax year.

Overlooked in the fawning over the appointment Marjorie Lebreton is the fact she is up to her neck in the MADD scandal. So much for accountability and transparency.

Under Andy Murie's leadership MADD Canada has lost credibility and needs reorganization at the top, to regain its focus and the public trust. It is also important to look beyond Mr. Murie to the board of directors who approved the shift in focus away from the grassroots and victim services.

They have overseen the misrepresentation of the allocation of funds to both the public and Revenue Canada, despite repeated attempts by local chapters to address these issues and more. In particular, Senator Marjorie LeBreton, as Chairman of the Board, must be held accountable.


Marjorie LeBreton

Minister of Class War

Harpers Most Dangerous Cabinet Minister

Harpers New Green Guy

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