Friday, February 09, 2007

Alberta's Leaky Ship Of State

The new CEO of Alberta Ed Stelmach has certainly made his mark on the one party state in this province. While we have suffered from a democratic deficit for thirty five years and regime of paranoid confidentiality, in less than a month since his appointment as Premier his regime has been plagued by leaks.

The good ship of state is a leaky boat.

There was the leak about his son being offered a promotion, which was squashed once it became known.

There was the leak about the $5000 dollar a plate dinners with Ed and his cabinet.
Calgary fundraiser offers $5000 access to Premier 11 Jan 2007

Which was canceled once it was public.
Stelmach cancels $5000-a-ticket fundraiser 12 Jan 2007

Then this week there was the leak that the Alberta government was looking at offering online gambling.
Alberta considers betting on online gambling 7 Feb 2007

Which was squashed the next day once it became public.
Alberta Not Considering Online Gambling 8 Feb 2007

And Stelmach was caught in little white lie when he claimed Alberta had reduced green houses gas emissions. Ed was contradicted by his own Energy Department which said the province had only reduced intensity emissions, while greenhouse gas emissions had in fact increased.

This is definitely no longer Ralph Klein's Alberta.

The only slips of the lip allowed under Ralph were Ralph's.



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