Friday, February 09, 2007

A Year Later Get Over It

Following up on my post about folks who need to get over it, the Liberals need to get over blaming the NDP for forcing the election last year. Martha Hall Findley brought up this tired old canard on Mike Duffy Live yesterday. Sigh. Enough already.

First the Liberals planned to commit political suicide in the spring of 2006 anyways. The winter election simply hastened their imminent demise. Really does any Liberal really believe that Canadians were not going to turf them out?

Second, Paul Martin ran a pathetic tired old campaign. He failed to fight the good fight, he knew it, the Liberals knew it, Canadians knew it and so he fell on his sword for the good of the Party. It was a campaign fraught with mistakes. But even if it had been picture perfect the Liberals were doomed anyways. Canadians were out to punish them for their moral turpitude.

Finally they had the opportunity to win the NDP's support. They could have simply agreed to look at the NDP proposals to strengthen the Canada Health Act to preclude privatization, an opportunity they were offered and rejected. Rejected arrogantly at the time. The same week they suffered the leak to Bay Street on Income Trusts. Which was the straw that broke the camels back.

In their arrogance the Liberals committed political suicide pushing aside the only party left propping them up with an attitude of a schoolyard nyah, nyah dare ya.

The Liberals lost the election just as they lost the NDP's support because they were arrogant. Pure and simple. So lets quit blaming the NDP when the blame falls squarely on Paul Martin, his handlers and his cabinet.

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