Friday, February 09, 2007

13 Years Later ,Get Over It

The New Conservative Government of Canada likes to get up on its hind legs in parliament when questioned and bark out; You had 13 years and what did you do?

While not one to defend the Liberals let's remember who was Her Majesty's Official Opposition.Why the Reform/Alliance/Conservatives who are now Her Majesty's Minority Government.

It always takes two to tango in government.

When Martin cut transfer payments to the provinces, which the Harpocrites remind us created the mess we are in when it comes to Medicare, wait times, post-secondary education etc.

What did they want the Reform/Alliance/Conservatives want the government to do? Cut faster and deeper.

And when they talk about the Liberals doing nothing on the environment, what was it they said when they were in Opposition, why that they opposed signing Kyoto and said they would do everything in their power to scuttle it. Which they are now doing.

And what did they say about social program spending cuts made by the Liberals?
Why they didn't go far enough of course which is why they have cut those programs now that they are in power.

And lets not forget either that the reason they paid off Maher Arar was to avoid him including the Conservative Party in his suit, since they repeatedly called him a terrorist when they were Her Majesty's Official Opposition.

So can we drop the 13 years crap already, the Conservative were across the aisle and they wanted to do far worse things, like lead Canada into war. Oops they did that too.

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Mike said...

If memory serves, Harper was quite happy with the cuts to the military back in 95, something else he now uses to justify massive military spending with no competition now.


Kenn Chaplin said...

"New Conservative government"?

Did you slip into Con-speak by mistake? :)

eugene plawiuk said...

I was being sarcastic but next time I will use " "