Sunday, March 18, 2007

Joseph Cherniak

The difference between them is the mustache.

Jason goes on another purge.
To Cherniak: Blogger, banish thyself!

He suffers from political bulimia and the strong man syndrome; that need to purge, purge, purge.

Luckily it was only from his personal commercial Liberal blog roll.

No Progressive Bloggers were harmed. Since Audacious Ontology still is a member of the PB blog roll.

While Cherniak claims he purged AO for posting NDP material on their blog perhaps it was actually because they were critical of Israel. Nah Jason would never do that.

France acknowledges Palestinian unity; will canada, or continue to bow to the US and Israeli Lobby?



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audacious said...

nothing like banishing one of their own ...

who's only fault was a co-owned blog of a liberal and an ndp'er ... thus, jason being threatened / insecure by jacks new ads.

childish ... !

Werner Patels said...

Jason has become the laughing stock of the blogging and political communities in Canada. If he thinks he still has a shot at a real political career, he's sorely mistaken.

Soon, after Dion has been given the boot, he'll disappear into nothingness with his "messiah".

Jason Cherniak said...

Wow Eugene. Now you have Werner's support! What a lucky guy.

But seriously; if this were about Israel then Big City Lib would have been gone a long time ago.

Audacious had a permanent link to the commercials on the sidebar and is a member of Blogging Dippers. I said I would put him back on the list if he removes the commercials and he chose not to.

eugene plawiuk said...

So will Big City Lib be next on your hit list when you have a hissy fit over something he writes. Nice that you allow a token criticism of your much beloved Apartheid State.