Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fat Boy Needs Election

To lose weight.

Don't Let Them See You Sweat: Harper didn't look Healthy

Otherwise he gets portly in office, much like Henry VIII sans the wives.

Baby Fat

Of course since he shares his wife with John Baird he may just be trying to look like him.

During elections he loses weight, after all politics is the other sport of Kings.

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Larry Gambone said...

Young and pudgy seems to be the way with these neocon men, not just their politicians but also their "pundits", think Paul Wells or Frumm

janfromthebruce said...

You guys demean yourselves when you make fun of a person's body. I don't like it when any male does this - whether they are progressive or not, and whether it is towards other men or women. You are better than this post.

Larry Gambone said...

No janfromthe bruce, I am serious and not trying to demean them. Why are so many of these relatively young right wingers pudgy? Is it my mistake because there is now a general tendency to obesity among younger people or is it more specific?

Renegade Eye said...

Neocons have $$ to eat better than leftys.

janfromthebruce said...

Larry, I actually don't know if it is factually true that young right wingers are pudgy. But I would not make a positive correlation between right wingers and pudginess, as it would never hold up under scrutiny. It might be more true that generally people who become politicians have a tendency to put on weight because they develop unhealthy lifestyles, due to unbalanced diets and eating regimes,lack of exercise, and irratic schedules.
Also, I think that people tend to be more critical of people who we dislike, and displace this distain onto their body image.
It was a good question. We tend to overlook perceived physical 'flaws' in people we like and thus the inverse is true.
What I really took exception to was demeaning nature of the post. I just have read such great stuff by Eugene, and so I come to expect a more thoughtful post from him. We look shallow when progressives attack others for their physical attributes.

eugene plawiuk said...

Jan consider it my juvenile sense of humour. I seem to have a twisted sense of humour that upsets the right an the left. Personal slagging of right wingers for their flaws is my response to their outrageous statements and generalizations about liberals and the left. Simply review Ezra's comments in the media over the years, or David Horowitz, or Anne Coulter and it seems that it is fine for them to slag folks with outrageous comments, but we on the left are expected to be polite. As T-Bone Slim said the politest form of response is attack.

odie441 said...

Sir Winston Churchill said "never give in except to honour or good sense", I guess the chance of that happening here is very slim. GOD BLESS OUR TORY BLUE ALBERTA!!! MAY WE BRING THE TIDE TO A NATIONAL LEVEL!!

eugene plawiuk said...

And Winston slayer of workers and Africans was no light weight himself.

eugene plawiuk said...

I see I have outraged my conservative critics, who seem to think that it's ok to call us the Loony Left or Moonbats, but get upset when we make fun of the personal foibles of their Great Leader.

janfromthebruce said...

Ah, Eugene, I figured you were just putting up a name-calling 'fluff' piece. And I do know what you are saying when you read demeaning stuff written by right-wing posters. I am totally disgusted by the posts that happen in the G & M comment section - it seems the meaner and more malicious the better. If you are interested in a 'bad photo op' of Harper that shows his growing girth, check out Political vertian (?) on PB. I thought your post here when I saw it.
Cheers, and you do know that I like most of your stuff you post.
As an aside, I was interested in your post about Mae and her reference to good old adult ed. community development in Nova Scotia. It became in Canada one of the foundational movements in adult education and community development.

wolfvillewatch said...

You can bet if there were comments here about Elizabeth May's figure... well, shall we say the tone would be different?