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LaRouche Takes Over Vive le Canada

There has been a disturbing trend over at Vive le Canada lately, it seems to have lost it's moderators for there can be no other explanation for the right wing conspiracy theorists that are now spamming it with their nut bar posts.

Here is the latest one from followers of the former Trotskyist turned conspiracy noodle head; Lyndon LaRouche. This appeared also on Progressive Bloggers because Vive le Canada is a member of the PB aggregator.

This article appears in the December 14, 2001 issue of Executive Intelligence Review. Dope, Inc. Is $600 Billion and Growing by Jeffrey Steinberg In the Summer of 1996, EIR conducted an exhaustive study of the worldwide illegal drug trade,

EIR is one of LaRouche's major publications. LaRoucheites came up with the slogan Nuke the Whales, since they are proponents of nuclear power and have used their private intelligence to attack the anti-nuke movement.

They are racists, LaRouche spent years attacking black culture, believing in a banking conspiracy they are Anti-Semites, they are homophobic AIDs deniers, they believe in the Anglo-American conspiracy theories, etc. etc. in other words they are a violent proto-fascist movement

evidence shows 'suicide' student was beaten to death
Duggan, from Golders Green, north-west London, had become involved with the Wiesbaden followers of Lyndon LaRouche, an American millionaire with virulent anti-Semitic views. Unaware of the group's leanings, the former Christ's Hospital pupil told followers that he was Jewish. At 4.20am on 27 March, 2003, Duggan rang his mother. His voice was hushed: 'Mum, I am in deep trouble.'

Worldwide LaRouche Youth Movement

Of course it doesn't help when anti-globalization publications like Michel Chossudovsky's Global Research.ca publish LaRouche sourced materials giving them undeserved legitimacy.

The LaRouche organization was also described by Norman Bailey, a former senior staffer of the National Security Council, as "one of the best private intelligence services in the world."

Global Research refuses to publish neo-fascist white racists who oppose globalization but will publish LaRouche via his followers. It shows that
Chossudovsky's conspiracy theory laden analysis of globalization is far closer to LaRouche than he cares to admit.

In that same vein the proto-nationalism of Vive le Canada with its opposition to Deep Integration allows it to fall into the same ideological trap as the anti-globalizationists, accepting conspiracy theories from the left and the right as long as they appear reasonable.

Folks get your act together and start monitoring those posts!

DISCREDITED former MP Ken Aldred was last night dumped as a Liberal candidate in the federal election over his links to far-right groups and his attacks on a prominent Jewish lawyer. Mr Aldred appeared before a specially convened meeting of the Liberal Party's administrative committee in Melbourne after he issued a legal threat to the party demanding the right to attend.

He tried to justify his past conduct in a statement that he read at the meeting, but the committee members - including Peter Costello and state Liberal leader Ted Baillieu - voted unanimously to dump him as the preselected candidate in the seat of Holt.

Liberal Party state director Julian Sheezel confirmed the result last night saying: "The administrative committee considered that he was an unsuitable candidate to receive endorsement."

John Howard had earlier written to members saying he did not think Mr Aldred - who has been linked to the far-Right US-based LaRouche organisation and its Australian arm, the Citizens Electoral Council - was a suitable person to stand for the Liberal Party.

Prominent Jewish lawyer Mark Leibler, who has led calls for the party to dump Mr Aldred, yesterday described Mr Aldred's preselection last weekend as an "embarrassment".

Mr Leibler, who was falsely accused by Mr Aldred in 1995 of being involved in a money-laundering scam run by Israeli spy agency Mossad, said yesterday: "It's not half the embarrassment it is to me as it is to the Liberal Party.

"This guy is a racist, an anti-Semite, he's presented fraudulent documents to the parliament. He is not the sort of person who would be supported by the Prime Minister or the Treasurer or any Liberal of standing."

The LaRouche Movement: American 'fascism' or something else?

The LaRouche movement is a clever organization: clever because it operates several independent divisions that are hard to connect with each other. The Schiller Institute, the Fusion Energy Forum, the Executive Intelligence Review, the Campaign to Explore Human Rights Violations in the U.S. (whose main interests seem to be the rights of Larouchians), Bread for the World, the Human Life Committee, the New Federalist , and 21st Century Science & Technology magazine are all part of the LaRouche organization. Currently, LaRouche is also connected to the ' Productive Triangle Program" (the 'Paris-Berlin-Vienna' axis) promoted by the International Progress Organization (IPO) in Central Europe, intended to promote economic development. Lyndon H. LaRouche has run (as a Democrat, no less) for president several times; in 1992 he is running from a jail cell, with the Rev. James Bevel (a SCLC founder and associate of Rev. King) as his vice presidential running mate. One might note, incidentally, that several LaRouchians do hold various offices around the country, and many LaRouchian groups have sprung up in Europe.

LaRouche is one of those political trippers that has managed to take the bend all the way around from the Far Left to the Far Right, without breaking his neck. In the 60s and 70s, he was "Lyn Marcus," head of the International Caucus of Labor Committees, an ultra-doctrinaire Marxist group with some strange disciplinary practices. Even back in the late 70s he was warning of impending financial crisis and cultural ruin. Today, Lyn(don) is a big promoter of the Strategic Defense Initiative, an implacable foe of world communism, a big supporter of a united Germany, and a borderline anti-Semite, who has attacked a whole bunch of Jews - particularly Roy Cohn, Henry Kissinger, and the heads of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai Brith - by saying they are really "Zionists," i.e. a particularly wicked bunch of Jews... anyone remember the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? (One might note that LaRouche has, on several occasions, attacked the Nazi-hunting branch of the Department of Justice (the OSI) as "witch hunters persecuting upright German citizens," some of those upright citizens being V2 rocket engineers smuggled into this country through Project Paperclip.) It is clear that his trip into the Far Right has left him with some discredited Far Left ideas.

LaRouche's main thesis is that the 'Anglo-American cabal,' which involves George Bush, the English monarchy, and some other ingredients, has decided to undertake a programme of genocidal IMF/World Bank-financed de-industrialization to deplete the population of the Third World. The cabal's plan includes "narcotrafficking"; environmental policies to prevent those countries from developing economically; 'Malthusian' population policies which incorporate birth control, abortion, and allowing disease and hunger free rein; profiteering through 'neo-colonial' resource control; the "lab-created" AIDs virus; and promotion of 'antifamily' ideals such as feminism, homosexuality, Satanism, and "the sex-drugs-rock and roll counterculture." This conspiracy theory, needless to say, is a grab bag of far right and far left nut worries. LaRouche believes that only massive industrial projects - nuclear power, huge irrigation canals dug with atomic bombs (!) in the Middle East, and similar high-tech developments - can free the Third World from the sinister grasp of the oligarchs' cabal.


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