Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Pain In The Butt

Anna Nicole Smith died because of a pain in the butt.

Seriously that is what the Medical Examiner reported yesterday. And her autopsy revealed, that after complaining of a sore butt after yet another injection of growth hormone, she came down with a fever while flying from the Bahamas to Florida.

So there was Dr. Perper on Monday, standing on two concrete cinderblocks behind a podium in the parking lot, the microphones in front of him covered with logos of Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, CNN and Fox News.

His words were broadcast live around the globe as he ticked off the laundry list of prescription drugs found in Smith's system, including methadone, Valium, Clonopin, Ativan and chloral hydrate, a sleeping medicine that played a role in the suicide of her idol, Marilyn Monroe.

He spoke of Smith's "injections into the buttocks and thighs" of human growth hormone, vitamin B12 and immunoglobulins.

"When many drugs act together, they may often have unpredictable and dangerous effects," Perper said.

The reason was that the latest injection had burst an abscess in her butt leading to bacteriological infection of her blood.

Vickie Lynn Marshall February 9, 2007 10:36 a.m. 07-0223

Dissection of the buttocks reveals diffuse subcutaneous scarring and fat necrosis of the adipose tissue bilaterally with three subcutaneous cystic structures containing light yellow, clear, thick liquid within the left buttock.

The right buttock contains similar cysts with similar content, with

at least one cyst wall being calcified.

The left and right buttocks have foci of recent, hemorrhagic tracts within the subcutaneous
adipose tissue and the superficial and deep muscular layers extending from the skin surface.

There is a deep-seated 3 x 2.5 x 2 centimeter abscess within the musculature of the left buttock with a creamy, yellow-green pus on sectioning. A recent, hemorrhagic, needle tract extends into the abscess wall from the skin surface.

This was followed by opportunistic flu symptoms, leading to her psychiatrist to dosing her with antibiotics and and her own self medication with various prescription cocktails.

The latter leading to her death by accidental overdose.

But like the media coverage of her death, it was all about a pain in the butt.

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