Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mother Nature Ends Seal Hunt

Those that oppose the seal hunt can say thanks mom, and the rest of us can pray for the sealers. Of course the anti-hunt activists skedaddled off the ice, leaving the fishers to fend for themselves.We're just sealers, not savages
Sealing vessels remain stuck on ice off NL - 47 minutes ago
ST. JOHN'S, NL -- As many as 100 sealing vessels remain stuck in pack ice off Newfoundland's northeast coast and southern Labrador, amid concerns of shrinking food and fuel supplies.
Crushing ice imprisons sealing ships Globe and Mail
Crews evacuated from ice-gripped vessels St. John's Telegram

Crushing ice imprisons sealing ships
Globe and Mail, Canada - 6 hours ago
The sealers were homebound after last week's hunt, an event that draws animal lovers from around the world to protest against the annual slaughter. ...
Sealers put on ice Guelph Mercury (subscription)
Canadian Seal Hunters Trapped by Ice Forbes
Protesters pull out as poor ice slows sealers off Nfld.
Globe and Mail, Canada - 17 Apr 2007
Sealers and animal-welfare activists had been bracing for potentially violent confrontations on the ice floes, but poor ice conditions and a lower harp-seal ...
Anti-Seal Hunt Activists Go Home All Headline News


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A Word From Our Sealers

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SuperMomPreneur said...

Regarding "Sealers not Savages" article - surely, this is not a posthumous twitch on the video:
video link
I'm sure they are just trying to make a living, but this is not a one-hit kill.

Also, didn't the sealers have the choice to leave when the activists did? I certainly don't wish them harm, but if the weather warning says leave and they stay to get more seals, then who is really to blame?

Atlantic Canadian Anti-Sealing Coalition said...

"Of course the anti-hunt activists skedaddled off the ice, leaving the fishers to fend for themselves."
The sealers (they are not "fishers" as they were decidedly not "fishing") were definitely not left to "fend for themselves". They had the Canadian Coast Guard running to and fro, airlifting in cigarettes and supplies for them. Our tax dollars were being spent to make sure they were comfortable and didn't run out of smokes.

"We're just sealers, not savages"
I have observed the commercial seal hunt first-hand (the video link above was just a small sample of the outrageous cruelty I witnessed) and I can tell you that I saw countless acts of savagery. These men behave like depraved savages, yet they are surprised and hurt when the world calls them savages? They should take a closer look at themselves and their actions before they complain about how misunderstood and harshly judged they are.