Friday, June 29, 2007

Fraser Institute Racists

Whats the difference between the Fraser Institutes anti immigration conference and these guys?

One is overtly racist, while the other hides their racism behind 'national security'.

The other irony is that mainstream media commentators like right whingnut Michael Coren defend restricting access to Canada to White Christian Europeans, which is what media pirriah like right whingnut Paul Fromm also says. But unlike Fromm, Coren is an immigrant.

And being from Britain Coren has dual citizenship, another bugaboo of the right.

While right whingnuts like Coren can freely move here, or like their Canadian counterparts like Mark Steyn or David Frum who freely move to England and the U.S. to work, they would deny these rights to others.


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rabbit said...

You call the Fraser Institute rascist, but you didn't make much of a case that they are. You claim that they have an anti-immigration policy, but didn't specify what that policy is, and why it constitutes racism. Rather your argument is comprized of linking the FI to other people you consider unsavory.

Throwing the term "racism" around is not a great idea to start with, but if you do then at least make a decent case for it. Otherwise it's just name calling.

eugene plawiuk said...

The Fraser Institute holds a conference on why we should limit immigration in the age of National Security and you ask me to detail their agenda and whats wrong with it. How about the premise of the conference. Period.

rabbit said...

Without a doubt there are people out there who want to limit immigration for racist reasons. But that doesn't automatically mean that anyone who wishes to limit immigration is racist.

There might be many good reasons for limiting immigration, and yes, security could be one of them. I don't know if I would agree with it, but I don't see why the argument couldn't at least be put forward.

Again, if you're going to hurl these accusations you should at a minimum make your rationale clear.

eugene plawiuk said...

Those on the right want to limit immigration to 'their kind of people'.

Feynman and Coulter's Love Child said...

Those on the right want to limit immigration to 'their kind of people'.

Again, whats so wrong with the notion that there are people who should and should not be allowed into wit, "our kind of people"?

The Trudeopian view is that "all people are our kind of people". Experience has reminded us that people like he and you were wrong, and there is such a thing as people who need to be left to rot in their own little shithole countries rather than bring their problems on our doorstep.