Friday, September 07, 2007

Draft Dodger PM

Which Liberal Prime Minister was a Draft Dodger? Not who you think.

" As a child, I remember three main villains in Canada: one was Hitler, who was going to start a war - it was as inevitable as the sunrise; the second villain (not necessarily in this order) was the Treasury Board, which was depriving Canada of enough resources to get equipment for the military, to fight the threat of Hitler; and the third great villain was Mackenzie King, who was prime minister, and was not only a draft dodger in World War I, but had no sympathy and no understanding of, and no interest in, the military and as a consequence damaged Canada's future."

Peter Worthington

Of course considering
the source this comment has as much validity as those of Brian Mulroney. It only goes to show that war mongering Conservatives hold grudges and never forget those who oppose them. Even if it means tarring them with the brush of appeasement and cowardice.

William Lyon Mackenzie King returned to Canada to run in the 1917 election, which focused almost entirely on the conscription issue, and lost again, due to his opposition to conscription, which was supported by the majority of English Canadians.

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