Friday, September 07, 2007

Sore Loser

Brian Mulroney. Who else fills a section of one's autobiographical memoirs with excerpts of others works, retelling the Trudeau the Draft Dodger story, that has been a favorite of the right since it was revealed by the rabid anti-Trudeau neo-fascist Ron Gostick.

Within a few years, it became obvious that Ron Gostick’s warnings were more than valid. Not until the early ‘70s did a few right of centre journalists like Lubor Zink and Peter Worthington dare to say what Ron Gostick had said in 1968.

The extreme right was appalled at Trudeau's liberalism, and linked his past to his decision to support allowing draft dodgers into Canada during the Viet-Nam war.

Of course Mulroney is jealous because he took over Trudeau's mantle of most hated Canadian PM and despite all his recent PR, including a Blogging Tory spam assault on an online poll of worst Canadians, that is a title he is saddled with.

And all that vitriolic spittle and invective published in his Memoirs will not change that for Mssr. Mulroney. In his Memoir we again see the man revealed by Peter Newman.

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