Friday, September 07, 2007

Stelmach Dooms Tory

Farmer Ed steps into a political cow pie. He is going to show up in the big T.O. and announce the joys of rapacious capitalism in Alberta. Yep the hick from the sticks is showing up in the middle of the Ontario Provincial Election. Just the kinda help John Tory needs from his fellow Conservative.

Premier Ed Stelmach will travel to Toronto later this month to tout Alberta's contribution to the Canadian economy.

"I'll also leave a message about what we're doing with respect to the work we're doing on the environment," Stelmach said Wednesday.

The premier said he will attempt to drive home the message that Alberta's boom is Canada's boom, a theme he has told national audiences before.

Stelmach will spend Sept. 24 and 25 in the city and deliver a lunch-hour speech to the Empire Club on the 25th.

Bet this engagement gets postponed till a later date. Wagering may begin now.

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach is being criticized from within his own ranks for agreeing to make a speech in Toronto during the Ontario election campaign.

A senior cabinet minister, who did not want to be identified, says there's no way the premier should make the Sept. 25 speech to the Empire Club, especially if it bashes Ontario.

"This is a mistake," said the minister as he left a three-day caucus planning session. "He shouldn't have agreed to deliver this speech."

But a Stelmach spokesman says the premier never hesitated to accept the speech when the invitation was extended by the Empire Club.

The Alberta Advantage will be John Tory's disadvantage.

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