Saturday, January 06, 2007

Harpers New Green Guy

The headlines read John Baird set to be Tories' 'green guy' maybe that should be 'teal' guy.

The real news out of Ottawa isn't about his appointment as Environment Minister but that he has another job, boy toy to Mrs. PM.

Has John Baird finally been outed by the Globe and Mail?

John Baird, 'first consort of the first lady'

Does that make her a 'fag hag? '?

Or perhaps a 'progressive' conservative.

We will never know since the Harper Conservatives have a don't ask don't tell policy.

I thought social conservatives opposed polyamory. So Mrs. PM has a husband and a mistress. Good thing that's ok in Ontario now.

Well at least she can dress up her consort, unlike her stiff necked husband. And he does look dashing in a tux.

"I love John," Mrs. Harper said yesterday. "He is a great guy, he is fun to be around, he looks good in a tux and he is a great date. "

Kinky happenings at 24 Sussex to be continued.

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