Monday, November 05, 2007

Liberals Gain Third Party Status

The Liberals are not effective as Her Majesty's Official Opposition due to their failed fund raising .

The latest party financial returns published by Elections Canada show the Liberals raised $793,835 from June through to October, less even than the party's third-quarter donations last year.

The legendary "natural governing party" almost fell behind the NDP, which raised just $38,000 less than the Liberals during the same nine-month period.

The figures were released by Elections Canada only this week, but the Liberals were aware of their financial state well before Gov. Gen. Michaelle Jean opened the new session of Parliament with a speech from the throne in mid-October.

Add to that any funds they do raise they have to use to pay off their Leadership convention debt. They have no election war chest. They are now just another third party in the House.

And as those of us on the left know politics is all about economics. And economically the Liberals cannot afford an election. Which determines their political praxis. It really doesn't matter whether they want an election or not, they can't afford it.

So they will shut up and sit on their bums fearful of challenging the Stephen Harper Party. And they will continue to claim it's all because the people of Canada don't want an election. When in fact it is because they are politically and financially bankrupt.

While the Tories awash in cash launch another attack ad campaign, we are in the midst of a protracted election campaign whether the Liberals want it or not.
Tories launch fifth negative ad campaign targeting Stephane Dion

Which Garth Turner notes on his blog. H/T to Take Off,eh for the Turner link.

When I spoke with a top dog in the OLO (Office of the Leader of the Opposition) Friday night, he said they were debating what to do about the new attack ad.

The Liberals cannot respond because they lack the moola. Also it doesn't help when your leader sticks his foot in his mouth and mumbles about increasing the GST.

Stephane Dion's
suggestion that he might one day increase the goods and services tax had some of his Liberal troops shaking their heads yesterday.

One Liberal MP actually buried his head in his hands when told of his leader's public musings.

Another simply cursed.

Yep trust the Liberals to blow it. They are not on autopilot they are on auto destruct. And they will end up a third party come the next election.

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