Monday, November 05, 2007

Thanks Werner

Thousands of readers I am told will now be coming here thanks to Werner Patels latest rant.

Well he claims he has thousands of readers;
This site attracts thousands of readers every day, hits of course do not a reader make. We can't tell if Werner, the pathological liar, is well lying again because his site meter is not publicly available. So we will have to take him at his word.

Anyways I am always happy to have links to my articles even if they come from right-whingnut blogs and even from those pathological types like Werner who suffer from multiple-blog personality syndrome.

As for his comment on my posts, he seems to be in a huff that I quoted the normally pro-Conservative, right wing media types who, unlike him, actually question the reasoning behind the Harper agenda of abandoning Canadians to the death penalty abroad. The Harpocrites claim it will only impact Canadians duly tried and found guilty in democracies. I point out, as do they, that this appears to be another Hidden Agenda on the part of the Stephen Harper Party. And he gets all verklepmt.

Werner goes one step further, he was overjoyed when this policy reversal was first announced, and claims that even a country like Singapore will be able to execute Canadians without the Harpocrites batting an eyelash.

Similarly, if a Canadian is caught smuggling or dealing drugs in Singapore or other countries where capital punishment is the preferred type of sanction for such crimes, he will also have to face the music.
Ahem, note to Werner, Singapore is a city state run by a dictatorship it is not a democracy.

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong wowed his audience at a conference in London, by telling them that Singapore was not a liberal democracy and that we didn't have "a totally independent press".

So even under Harpers misguided new death penalty policy Singapore does not qualify. Unless of course Werner has some inside information that links the Harpocrites new War On Drugs with promoting the Death Penalty for Canadians caught abroad. Of course that would affect these guys.

In fact Singapore has a cozy relationship with the Military Rulers of Burma, birds of a feather, whose funding comes from heroin, it is after all the Golden Triangle, as well as control of the natural resources which are traded with Singapore and China.

Myanmar's generals hit where it hurts - While Son Parties in Singapore

[In the email, Htet Tay Za, 19-year-old son of Air Bagan CEO, Tay Za, wrote: “US bans us? We're still f---ing cool in Singapore. See my photos? We're sitting on the whole Burmese GDP. We've got timber, gems and gas to be sold to other countries like Singapore, China, India and Russia.]

BANGKOK - For Htet Tay Za, a 19-year-old member of Myanmar's elite who attends an exclusive and expensive international school in Singapore, life is often a party. A picture recently obtained by the Chiang Mai-based publication The Irrawaddy shows the young man being kissed on the cheek by a bikini clad Caucasian woman.

d85045d653f288b4583af69c3016f86b.gifIn another portrait, the partying youngster is seen in festive mood beside a male friend puffing on a water pipe. But the party may beover soon for Htet Tay Za, as his father who pays the bills for his lavish lifestyle, Tay Za, figures prominently in an October 19 executive order from the US Treasury Department that aims to block his assets and make it illegal for US citizens to have any business dealings with him and his private companies.

Anyways it's nice too know that my personal fan club of rightwhingnuts are still reading my missives. And that I continue to irritate them enough for them to comment. My life is so much better for knowing that.


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Scott Tribe said...

For someone who claims he's now an NDP supporter, Werner does seem top find more comfort and pleasure in quoting right-wing blogs, and attacking left-wing or progressive ones.

eugene plawiuk said...

OMG did I miss that? Actually he quit supporting the NDP last summer, it was a short lived romance. Now he is exhibiting his true colours as a confused rightwhingnut that he always was.

dirk buchholz said...

eugene said..."Now he is exhibiting his true colours as a confused rightwhingnut that he always was."...

actual I am not to sure about that,I think it has more to do with ego,the guy is desperate for a readership,it must just grate on him that other bloggers he so despises i.e Red Tory probably gets mote comment than Werner gets readers.I think that would explain all his "idealogical"flip flopping
But any way you look at it the guy does seem a bit loopy.And if the guy did have thousands of readers a day,why would he not make his site meter public.