Wednesday, January 02, 2008


The right wing rump parties which really are political zeros in Alberta, except in their own minds, have declared their intention to merge. These parties have no real base, and in fact the only reason the Alberta Alliance has even a modicum of publicity is that it's leader Paul Hinman is an one seat wonder as the only AA MLA (see comments below). AA get it. Its the seven step program for Alberta's wannabe Republicans.

The question is will the new party, tentatively to be called the Wild Rose Alliance, be offering a home to Craig Chandler? If so this collections of zero's could end up as less than zero; -1.
Alberta Alliance Party & Wildrose Party to Unite

Two Alberta right-wing parties propose merger for anticipated spring vote

Wildrose, Alliance parties seek merger


Wild Rose Party In and Out Scheme

Rent A Crowd

More Shills For Big Oil

Link Byfield's New Party

Link Byfield Goes AA

Where's The NDP?

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First Lady said...

Hi Eugene,

If you have an expectation of being credible, you should at least do some research and deal with facts.

Paul Hinman was not a member of the PC's. He ran in 2004 as an Alliance candidate and was elected on that basis; unseating PC'er Broyce Jacobs.

Jane Morgan
Alberta Alliance Party

eugene plawiuk said...

I stand corrected.
Mind you as they say birds of a feather he is a Reform/Alliance/Conservative. Not much different from the PC's under Klein or the rest of the right wing rump parties in Alberta.

Mr. Hinman is the first Alberta Alliance member to be elected to the Legislative Assembly. He served as vice-president of policy for the party from its founding convention on February 14, 2002, until he was named to his current position as deputy leader on January 8, 2005. He is also a board member for the Conservative Party of Canada in the electoral district of Lethbridge. He was previously an active member of the Federal Reform Party of Canada, serving on policy and election committees.

eugene plawiuk said...

Oh by the way are you going to accept Chandler in your new party if he applies?

First Lady said...

One bridge at a time Eugene.



eugene plawiuk said...

That maybe a bridge too far.

Werner said...

... or maybe a Bridge over the River Bow (groan). What gets me about these political party animals is their inability to remember from "noon to dinnertime" as my parents would say. First it was the Reform party, then the Alliance, then the non-progressive Conservatives. Of course all political parties are basically liberal parties at heart. What else is new? Harper and company have no interest in really reducing state intervention in the economy or social life. No politician ever does. Harper needs to backpedal a little on gun control in order to sell himself to urban opinion in the east and the RCMP who took over administration of the gun registry. Cops are like social workers ... they never back down unless forced to do so. Not much chance of that from "Mr. Law and Order". This is a tory(ish) mirror image of what decimated the NDP (and the CCF before it). In order to get votes you try to be all things to all people and pretty soon there is no difference. So more militant conservatives will try to start the game all over again with yet another "protest" party. It's the trotskyism of the right.