Saturday, August 25, 2007

Link Byfield's New Party

Living off the avails of his Citizens Centre for Freedom and Democracy, which arose from the corpse of the politically and fiscally bankrupt Alberta Report, Link Byfield has decided that being an elected Senator in Waiting is not enough. So he and some pals have formed a new Right Wing Rump Party.

Whats interesting is that all these neo-con wannabe Reform Parties in Alberta seem to come from or originate in Calgary. The largest American city north of the 49th parallel. Which explains their Republican agenda.

A Canadian development without a direct parallel in Australia was the key role
played by “Calgary School” political scientists in new right party politics and freemarket think tanks like the Fraser Institute. In Australia a number of economists have played a prominent role in promoting public choice frames of analysis, but largely via think tanks rather than through direct involvement in party politics.

Members of the Calgary School reproduce the main features of US right-wing

anti-elite discourse, including a contrast between elite fashions and mainstream
traditional values, a campaign against the tyranny of political correctness, and an
attack on self-styled equality seekers—feminists, anti-poverty groups, the gayrightsmovement, natives and other ethnic and racial minorities.

To be honest they should quit calling themselves Albertans or Party of Alberta and call themselves what they are; the Calgary Republican Lobby. Since many of them believe Ronald Reagan Was Better Than Trudeau.

Background of Albertans

Many Albertans have immigrated from the United States. The energy industry, as well as the ranching industry, has attracted many Americans. Attacking Americans attacks the family background of many Albertans. Prominent Albertans have American roots. Senator Ted Morton is originally from California. MP Myron Thompson is from the U.S..
Their appeal is limited to the Americanized Albertans who live in Southern Alberta. So they don't even appeal to the Lougheed liberals who made the PC's the Party of Calgary. And they don't appeal to urban voters.

And they certainly don't appeal to Northern Albertans who make Redmonton their capital.


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Bill Longstaff said...

To be fair to cowtown, let us not forget this is the city where the CCF was founded.

Skinny Dipper said...

You're right about people immigrating to Alberta from the United States. Over the past century, Americans came to Alberta to the point that if Americans were an ethnic group, they would constitute between 20-25% of the population. These ethnic American-Canadians still have relatives living south of the border. Many of the people living in rural/small city southern Alberta is Anglo-Saxon in origin; a greater share of people in central and northern Alberta is a mix of European ethnicities. This is why so many right-wing ideas come from Alberta. It will be interesting to see how the effects of migration from Ontario and the Atlantic provinces shapes the nature of politics in the state of Alberta. Will the new workers support the Conservatives or other parties?

bigcitylib said...

Links people have already got into a spat with the Alberta Alliance for trying to poach members with a stolen AA membership list (of emails). "Wildrosewatch" I think its called is good for this kind of stuff.

Rhys said...


The Wildrose Report is the blog you're thinking of.

And thanks for the PoA link, Mr. Plawiuk. :)

Amelia said...

Thank you