Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Black Gold

Happy New Year. 2008 the year of the great recession, it's only a matter of time. Oil and Gold have hit their 1980 values.

Oil hits record US$100 a barrel on supply concerns

Gold price breaks 28-year record to hit new peak

And if you have forgotten the eighties began with an oil boom but saw global recession, the crash of the oil and gas markets and the largest crash on wall street, 1987, since 1929.

If this trend continues, stagflation could rear its ugly head, again

Oh yes and Reagan was President of the Free World. And like Reagan the Bush regime has spent America into recession.
Analysts: Bush was big spender in early years in office

America now is officially for sale and the only folks able to bail out Wall Street are the Sheiks of Arabia and the Chinese.


U.S. Economy Entering Twilight Zone

Purdy Crawford Rescues the Market

Sub Prime Exploitation

Canadian Banks and The Great Depression

Wall Street Deja Vu

Housing Crash the New S&L Crisis

US Housing Market Crash

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Larry Gambone said...

Peak oil analysts were talking about $100 a barrel by the end of the year this spring. They have been proven right. Where, however, is the action on peak oil? Who - other than individuals , and not too many of them, are preparing for the eventual crunch?