Saturday, November 26, 2005

America's Right Wing Turkey

It seems fitting that on the American Thanksgiving the proverbial old man of the Yahoos and Know Nothings on the Right should be celebrating his 80th Birthday.
I am of course refering to that startling intellecshual
William F. Buckely.

I for one have regreted that this intellectual giant of the American Right never got a chance to debate the intellectual giant of liberalism in North America. I am of course speaking of Pierre Elliot Trudeau.

If such a debate had happened between Buckley and Canada's philosopher king on Buckley's PBS Firing Line program it might go something like this;

Ummmm, ummm, err, well Pierre , uhhhhmmm how do you reconcile the uhhhmmm contradiction of being well, uhhhhmmmmm a classical liberal of the Bentham, ummmmm Mills school, with your er ah ahhhhemmmm ummm Jesuit upbringing, hmmmm while being a ahemmmm Prime Minister of a country that still ummmmm ahemmmm recognizes the Monarchy? Hmmm?

PET; Well Bill let me say that our country maybe Catholic and we may have a Queen but you want to be Catholic and a Queen.

Yep thats a showdown I would have loved to seen.

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