Saturday, November 26, 2005

We're Mad as Hell and we're Right

Over at the Mad As Hell Right Whing Nut Blog; Canuckastan Chronicles
you would be forgiven for thinking that this was NOT a Canadian Blog considering all the American flags and images and issues plastered on the page. But it is. Which sorta of proves what I have been saying about the Canadian Right its not Neo-Con its Neo-Republican or Republican Lite.

However in his blast against yet another liberal progressive blogger he does say something I agree with...gasp.... "That our country isin't (sic) as socialist as they think or would like to believe. " He is right it is a mix of classical liberal and social democracy, which is far from socialism as you can be.

However to the pea brains like Canuckastan and his American Idols that still spells 'socialism', though if they actually read someone like Murray Rothbard they would discover that he too is a classic liberal of the Mills and Bentham school of utilitarianism.

So just remember when reading the rantings of these Right WhingNutbars they are all mad of course, mad mad mad....and not just clearly shows the downfall of our public education system that these guys never got a chance to have a classical eductation. Or perhaps they could have been directed to the library where there these things called B O O K S, cause they have spent too much time with their comics or smoking something in the boys room.


D said...

Well said Eugene. I didn't even bother with touching on the rabid declarations of 'socialists'... but you did quite well.

I've bookmarked you and I will return.


eugene plawiuk said...

Thanks Dale I must admit it was your page that gave me the the tip to go see the Canuklehead page which I usually avoid... for obvious reasons....