Saturday, November 26, 2005

Hang Him High

King Ralph said he would be hung and quartered, driven out of town etc. if his government was a scandal ridden as the Federal Government. Albertans wouldn't stand for it, he said.

We should take him at his word and look at this months list of scandals.

For the record;

Klein dismisses lobbyist registry cause it might impact on his pal Rod Love, and all those ex Tory cabinet ministers now lobbying the government.

Well there is that contract with the AON Consulting, that was an inhouse tender, and to a company with a recent conviction in the US for Fraud.

There was the governments insider land deals in Fort McMurray.

And then there is the OSC charges against the newest appointed Alberta Securities Commission boss for insider trading.

There is scandal downunder in New Zealand with Kleins newly appointed executive assistant and his wife.

The deputy leader of New Zealand's National Party says Peter Kruselnicki and his partner Paula Tyler should repay some of the nearly $57,134 Cdn spent to recruit them and relocate them from Edmonton because Tyler is leaving in mid-contract. Gerry Brownlee says Tyler, a former deputy minister of Alberta Children's Services, should have to repay the New Zealand government for plane tickets and household furnishings because she is leaving early from her post as CEO of the country's Child, Youth and Family Services Department.

And now.......RCMP to follow up on alleged tainted investigations at ASC

You get the horses I'll get the rope.

Go Here for a complete list of the Krimes of Klein.


AlbertaAvenue said...

Klein and his PC are much worse than the feds' Adscam. Klein has also had much more money to play with, and with zero accountability, we don't know in whose pockets all that money really ended up.

Adscam was bad, no doubt. But the Klein government is Adscam to the power of 10.

eugene plawiuk said...

And it gets worse as he refuses to retire, his trip out east he dropped millions without asking the Leg for permission while the leg was in session, now had Martin done something similar well all hell would break loose. Yep we have a deficit in Alberta a democratic deficit.