Thursday, February 16, 2006

Arctic Meltdown

Arctic could be ice-free in summer in 15 years: scientists
Scientists now say that in as little as 15 years, the Arctic could be ice free in the summer. They say the last time that happened was more than a million years ago. Barber says he's most concerned about multi-year ice. He says the loss of this type of ice can affect the habitat of species, such as ring seals. He says the melting is happening too fast for them to adapt.

Hey but there is always a silver lining even to global warming, capitalism knows how to adapt even if seals don't.

But Simon Prinsenberg, who's with the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in Halifax, says less ice could be positive for northern economies. "A lot of people think that with less ice we might see more fisheries up there and since there's less ice it's also easier to get up there," he says.
But considering who is in charge of the government now don't expect any real solutions to this crisis. Cause it might hurt our car and gas/oil industries.

International study on Arctic climate change produces startling findings

Louis Fortier, a researcher with Universite Laval in Quebec City who led the project, agreed the focus in Canada and internationally needs to be on coping with the reality of global warming and minimizing the damage. ‘‘If we wanted to really change things to avoid the bulk of the impacts of climate change, we would have to totally change our way of life tomorrow,’’ Fortier said.‘‘We’d have to stop using our cars and reduce (greenhouse gas) emissions by 60 to 80 per cent, which would obviously create major problems.’’

Yep problems that our new Minister of the Environment already is in denial over it. And she is completely objective about Kyoto too.

Canada's new environment minister says no to trading emissions
Ambrose, an Edmonton MP, did policy work for the Alberta government on the Kyoto issue before she ran for office.

And who does she meet with first to discuss the environment, why the Alberta Environment Minister who screwed up when the CN dumped their toxic load into Wabumun last summer. I feel better already. Oh yes and as usual with the Harper regime, it was another secret meeting.

Rona sees greener Alberta
The pair were less clear on whether the province and country are capable of meeting the commitments the Liberals made in signing the Kyoto accord.

Actually with the winter or lack of it we have had it's going to be a browner Alberta not a greener one. Grass fire near Alberta town Grass fires in February in Alberta? Scary.

Rona? Hmm isn't there a hardware company by that name?


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