Thursday, February 16, 2006

Red Menace In Canada

So where do our Blogging Tories and Conservative activists on the right go to rest, recuperate and get their fix of political strategizing? Why to the U.S. of course, because as we all know the Right Wing brain is in the U.S.

Check out these right wing Canadian bloggers who went to the CPAC . No not the TV channel, the Conservative Political Action Conference.

No they did not go to a Libertarian conference, though they probably should have, then they would have had a rude awakening,.

Actually CPAC is the Republican PAC. They got autographs from Karl Rove and Ann Coulter...bestill my beating heart...lucky for them Dick Cheney didn't invite them quail hunting.

Now the RightWhingnuts in Canada like to dis the Left in this country for being Anti-American but the one thing the Left here does not do is go south of the Border to go to Political Action conferences held by the Democrats. The Democrats are far too rightwing for us.

And very few of the left work on Democratic campaigns as compared to our pals on the right who flock south like snow birds seeking out Republican campaigns to cut their teeth on.

So if their rhetoric sounds imported it is. And they accuse us and all Canadians of being Anti-American, they say it not because they are defending our friends south of the border, poor babies can't defend themselves from Canadian sarcasm and ridicule, but because they are defending their imported Republican politics.

Scratch away at their contentialist veneer and you will find not Tory Blue but Republican Red. It gives new meaning to the Red Meance.

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VW said...

Let me see if I've got this straight. A half-dozen Canadian bloggers decided to go to a convention, and you conclude that it's a BT Conspiracy?

eugene plawiuk said...

I didn't say it was a conspiracy but now that you mention it....damn there's reds under the bed.

Chuckercanuck said...

uhhh. this post is rather grasping.

but thanks for telling me I'm a mindless zombie of the American right. Better than being a mindless zombie of Fidel Castro.

eugene plawiuk said...

Gee I never said I supported Fidel. But then several good Canadian Capitalist enterprises do more than the Left does, like Sherrit Gordon, Delta Hotels, Canadian Beef Association....really commies these guys. Did I say you were a mindless zombie nope. I did say that the politics of those getting their basic training in Republican bootcamp are better suited south of the border than in a social democratic Canada.