Thursday, February 16, 2006

Whining and Dining with the Irvings

Big Oil cries da blues. No, not Exxon or Shell. Our favorite Maritime Capitalist family who stash their cash offshore in the Grand Caymans, the Irvings. Crying the blues the Irving gas and oil monopoly laid off staff in Newfoundland today, six managers, and blamed the government for regulating gas and oil prices.

But wait they are a monopoly, and set the prices since they purchase and refine and distribute the oil and gas. Surely mere government regulation of pump prices can't compare to their control and dominance of the market place. Me thinks the Irivings just want to shift blame for their business practices on someone else. What else would be new with these guys who demand the taxpayers fund their private monopoly.
Iriving Family Compact Blackmails PEI

And they aren't just an oil and gas monopoly they are a media monopoly in the Maritimes too.
Irvings Media Monopoly Denies Free Speech

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1 comment:

City Under Siege The Fight for Saint John said...

We are in a battle with the Irvings in Saint John NB ,The home of the Evil empire.Its all about Multinational oil companies and the loss of democracy in the name of greed.

please check out my blog for the story