Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ottawa Conservative Lobbyist Heaven

The Dan Report says that Reynolds Joins Law Firm Known for Lobbying which means he will be joining ex-Harper aide, Geoff Norquay as a lobbyist Ottawa's Revolving Door

But they aren't the only ones as Greg Weston of the Sun reports. They are in good company. In fact a veritable avalanche of lobbyists has appeared in the last month says Weston;

The change of government has also spawned an old game of musical chairs. Ordinarily, the office of the federal lobbyist watchdog might register a few dozen changes in the industry each month. But a review of federal records shows a staggering 824 changes to the lobbyist register in the last 30 days.According to the industry’s newsletter, The Lobby Monitor, more than 300 of those are new registrations.

Just another broken Tory promise.

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WE Speak said...

Not even worth picking apart. This is so lacking in both fact or reality that it should be nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award


Lacking in fact? Really I think the facts speak for themselves you just don't want to face them