Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Murder of Crows

Which is the term for a group of crows, not a flock, a murder. Except that in good old Charlottetown PEI they plan to actually murder their crows. Rid whole city of crows, says expert Lets call this for what it is; human chauvinism, speciesism, because the reason they want to get rid of the crows is that;Residents there complain the birds wake them before dawn with their noisy squawking and that the bird droppings are soiling property.

Damn birds how thoughtless of them. It seems this is a popular past-time for city residents not only in Charlottetown but in Chatham, Ontario as well. Seems the need for peace and quiet supercedes our ecological responsibility to our feathered friends. Last year, the city of Chatham, Ontario, hired the company to get rid of 500,000 crows at a cost of $60,000. A small price to pay for a good nights sleep. Murder dem crows, zzzzzzz.

The fact that they are intelligent birds who learn, well that's besides the point right.
Tool-Using Crows Give New Meaning to Term 'Bird Brained'

Tool using birds....hmmm I thought the only tool users were higher primates, in fact tool use does indicate a sentience other than just animal instinct and occurs in dolphins as well as crows and ravens. Drat there goes another human chauvinist myth.

General Corvine Information

crow dropping pebble

Crows belong to the family Corvidae. Crows are believed to be the most intelligent of all birds. There is very little wonder why they have been revered and worshipped over the centuries.

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RP. said...

The article doesn't say that they're going to exterminate them, just scare them off. Oh, except where they bring in falcons. Are you going to rail against the falcons' speciesism too? ;)

Frankly, I'm surprised and impressed that they didn't just call for an open season.

..and if you've ever seen the crows in Charlottetown, you'd swear you were in a Hitchcock movie. I'd be surprised if the huge amount of waste they leave behind wasn't a health hazard.

eugene plawiuk said...

Au contraire the article does say that the 'expert' exterminator that the city hired as a consultant, reccomended that they rid the whole city of the birds now how do you do that without killing some?
As for the Birds yep and Ft. McMurray has a raven problem, big f**king ravens wingspan five feet across. Stealing kids lunches during recess in school yards. Except they lived their first, before we decided that the Tarsands were worth exploiting.

Its the price ya pay for living with your neighbours in nature. And look at the bright side at least you don't have a pigeon problem. Now those guys shit lots.