Thursday, April 27, 2006

We Paid How Much

So it cost Albertans over a million dollars to tell us something we already know and have been telling King Ralph for the past ten years as he has tried to privatize our healthcare system. All this guy has done is waste millions on focus groups, studies, reports, etc. etc. ad naseaum, to try and prove his privatization plans would save healthcare money. Which is won't. So he keeps throwing good money after bad, while that money could have been spent on creating community health clincs with health teams on salary,that would reduce healthcare costs.

Gov't study discredits third-way reforms

There is little to be gained by introducing private insurance and multiple payers into medical care, two key planks in Premier Ralph Klein's 10-point framework for reforming Alberta's health-care system, says a study commissioned by the Klein government. The report, which cost the province $1.3 million, examines the potential effects of offering insurance for prescription drugs, continuing care, "supplemental health products services," and non-emergency health care.

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