Thursday, April 27, 2006

Cluck Cluck Harper

Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Wednesday that it was his defence minister, and not himself, who ended the practice of lowering Parliament's flags to half-mast when soldiers are killed in Afghanistan. Harper diverts flag flap to defence minister

Oh and the Tories are saying that the Legion agrees with them. Well that's true because the Legion represents Veterans not current serving soldiers. For them Nov. 11 is the sacred day of the dead. For the Legion that is the only day that should be set aside for Rememberance.

However even with that as I pointed out here before the Legion's did not lower their flags on Nov. 11 until 2003. As a result of the Federal Governments changes in the flag policy that they opposed then. Now the Legions lower their flag. So there goes another tradition of the Legions adapted to the modern day.

Furthermore the flag flies at half mast when RCMP officers are killed, as occured last year with the Mayerthorpe massacre. The RCMP are not just a police force but are considered a military force. Always have been.

And the fact remains this and the ban on media covering the returning bodies at CFB Trenton is a cover up for the fact that Harper will not be appearing at Trenton anytime soon to see the results of his policy on Afghanistan.

Harper and the Tories are using the families of the fallen as their cover for his failure to do his duty.

The Conservative government vigorously defended its decision to block public images of Canadian war casualties arriving at Canadian Forces Base Trenton in Ontario, insisting yesterday the privacy of relatives greeting the returning coffins trumped the right of media to record their arrival. "It is not about photo ops and media coverage. It is about what is in the best interest of the families," Prime Minister Stephen Harper said in the House of Commons. He added the government's priority is to "do everything possible" to assist grieving families.Harper defends ban on images of coffins

Using the grief stricken families and now the Legion as an excuse is the same as using O'Connor as the scapegoat for a PMO policy. Proving again that Harper is more Chicken then Hawk when push comes to shove.

As for the ultimate Hawk, Gen. Lewis Mackenzie who has been all over the media with his 'professional opinion' on this matter, let us not forget he ran for the Tories as a candidate and is just protecting the party. Hack. No I don't have a cough.

Harper's home province of Alberta is lowering the flag, so is Ontario. As did Canada Post. The groundswell iprovesthat the Harper was wrong to arbitrarily decide to override the previous UNANIMOUS decision of the house to lower the flag after the friendly fire deaths of our soldiers. Unanimous as in He and the Tories voted for it. Now he is blaming O'Connor. Cluck, Cluck,Cluck.

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HearHere said...

Canada Post in Edmonton lowered the flag because one of the reservist killed worked there.

Alberta and Ontario legislatures lowered the flag only because the sodiers were either from there or lived there.

All Dept. of Defence bldgs lowered the flag and did the bases and towns where the soldiers originated from. So too will their regiments across the country.

eugene plawiuk said...

As I posted here earlier Canada Post also lowered the flag because the union requested as the reservist was a member of CUPW.

And your point is.....