Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fingers Crossed

Minister of Defense O'Conner told CBC Newsworld that our Mission in Afghanistan was all about keeping our fingers crossed. Yep. Fingers Crossed that we would succeed. Then he admited that the mission is a failure and doomed.

Taliban can't be entirely defeated: O'Connor

O'Connor has warned that NATO would not be able to defeat the Taliban completely, although it might be able to contain the insurgency in the south.

"There's a flow of Taliban back and forth into Pakistan. And so, we will eliminate pockets of the Taliban, and they will withdraw into Pakistan and they will come back again," the defence minister told CBC News on Thursday.

"Unless we have international co-operation, where Afghanistan and Pakistan work together and the allies work together to reduce and eventually eliminate the Taliban, we can't do it the way it's going now."

Nope we can't. This is a one sided opium war. With Canada leading the way, after the U.S. dropped the ball in Southern Afghanistan and NATO delayed picking it up. Now NATO is calling for reinforcements because they underestimated the Taliban and regional Warlords.

NATO's top commander, U.S. Gen. James Jones, appealed for military reinforcements in the region earlier Thursday, warning that the next few weeks could decide the mission's outcome.Jones said the "level of intensity" of the Taliban attacks surprised NATO when it stepped up its campaign in southern Afghanistan in July. He acknowledged that NATO did not expect Taliban fighters to stand and fight instead of using their old tactics of hit-and-run attacks.

That underestimation has cost Canadian lives. Which is the historical predicament we find ourselves in. It happened in WWI and WWII our troops were expendable to the British high command. And now we are expendable for NATO.

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