Thursday, September 07, 2006

Secret Prisons Secret Torture

Bush admits to secret prisons The only reason to have secret prisons is to practice torture in secret. And nothing that Bush said yesterday will change that. The CIA will be allowed to operate secret prisons, rendition programs, and yest torture...despite the assurances of President Bush to the contrary....The president declined to disclose the location or details of the detainees' confinement or the interrogation techniques. Bush insisted that the detainees were not tortured. "I want to be absolutely clear with our people, and the world: The United States does not torture," Bush said. "It's against our laws, and it's against our values. I have not authorized it, and I will not authorize it."

Nope the U.S. doesn't torture on its soil it outsources torture...the reason for secret prisons...

Director of Human Rights Watch, Kenneth Roth, said: "President Bush's speech was a full-throated defence of the CIA's detention program and of the 'alternative procedures' - read torture - that the CIA has used to extract information from detainees.

"Although the president adamantly denied that the US government uses torture, the United States has used practices such as waterboarding that can only be called torture.

"The draft military commission legislation he announced today would allow the use of statements obtained under coercion, and would allow the accused to be convicted on the basis of secret evidence."

And Bush says that the information they got from the prisoners helped stop attacks on America. Didn't stop the attacks in Spain, Indonesia, India,Russia or London though.

Yesterday the White House announced a no torture of prisoners revision to the Uniform Code of Military Justice. Because of the Abu Ghraib prison scandal and the scandal over GITMO. In the case ofAbu Ghraib, the abuse by Military Police aside, the torture and interrogations were conducted by the CIA and outsourced to Military Advisors aka mercenaries. Neither the CIA nor private contractors are covered by the US Military Uniform Code of Justice. So it will be business as usual.

At the United Nations and other international forums, Washington has long officially opposed torture and advocated a universal standard for human rights.

Simultaneously, the CIA has propagated ingenious new torture techniques in contravention of these same international conventions, a number of which the United States has ratified.

In battling communism, the United States adopted some of its most objectionable practices -- subversion abroad, repression at home and, most significantly, torture itself.

From 1950 to 1962, the CIA conducted massive, secret research into coercion and the malleability of human consciousness, which, by the late 1950s, was costing $1 billion a year. The hidden history of CIA torture

Meanwhile it appears that Bush has some international support ....Australia backs US use of secret prisons for terrorist suspects Can the Harpocrites be far behind in applauding torture and secret prisons...

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