Thursday, September 07, 2006

Green Party Bump

The Green Party, with new leader Elizabeth May, came in at a surprising 10 per cent - more than double the 4.5 per cent they garnered on election day.

This poll done over the Long Weekend shows that the Green Party got 'bump' off its convention coverage on CPAC, publicity on CTV and the ensuing media coverage of the Leadership Race and May's election as Party leader.

Of course those in the Vert universe are all jumping up and down with joy, just like Who's in Whoville.

Of course this too shall pass. It is after all just a bump not an earthquake.

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Devon Rowcliffe said...

Sorry to be confrontational, but this has to be said - your final paragraph reeks of NDP denialism.

eugene plawiuk said...

Ahh you got my point...however it has nothing to do with NDP denialism...just my caustic left wing sense of realpolitick. Check out my comment on how the NDP needs to take the GP seriously after this convention; NDP Green with envy