Thursday, September 07, 2006

Playing Footsie With A Terror State

In Islamabad yesterday, Mr. O'Connor offered a mixed view of Pakistan's role. "I really appreciate what Pakistan is doing and they are doing a fantastic job," he said. "But in my ideal world, they could do even better because that way our troops will be safe."

Oh like making side deals with the Taliban, offering Osama bin Laden amnesty, and killing popular opposition politicians in provinces bordering Afghanistan. That really helps our troops.

The minister's meetings yesterday included talks with Habibullah Warraich, Pakistan's Minister for Defence Production. He suggested that Canada might be able to assist Mr. Warraich's department, although he did not specify how.

Lets see maybe by providing more nuclear fuel for their bombs. This guy is a big an idiot as Hearn.

It is Pakistan that is the source of the terrorists in maybe we should go there and settle this once and for all...that would go along way to keeping our troops safe.

A NATO source confirmed last night that a U.S.-Pakistan bilateral agreement allows cross-border pursuits, and expressed hope that Canada might win similar permission.

Not likely. We're pals with Pakistan.

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JorgieBoi said...

A little better than Layton and the looney left asking us to try to become pals with the Taliban.

eugene plawiuk said...

No one asked yuou to become pals with the Taliban especially not Layton. However the real pals with the Taliban are the Musharef regime in Pakistan and the Karzai government in Kabul. If you cared to check your facts. But hey don't let the facts get in the way of your ill informed opinion.