Sunday, October 01, 2006

Liberal Super Weekend

The Liberal Party Super Weekend is turning out quite interesting. They have a delegate counter on their website.

Currently 335 out of 467 meetings have reported. The interesting thing is that Dion is behind Kennedy, who is neck and neck with Rae, and Ignatieff has the lead, as expected. Such a humble guy, I am not the front runner. Ha.

Anyways the losers are Findlay, Brison, Volpe and Dryden in that order. With only enough delegates each to do the right thing; lick their wounds and bow out.

However include the undeclared delegates and this group has 590 delegates. More than Kennedy or Dion. Those delgates will make a difference in the Anybody But Iggy campaign. Now who will get them? Rae? Kennedy? Dion? I suspect that Dion is out of it. The race to replace Iggy will be between Kennedy and Rae.

This could get exciting, cause its been a snore fest so far. And the position of the
three prime candidates in the lead are Pro-War, Mushy Middle and Anti-War.

Afghanistan will not be an issue come the Convention, the issue will be who can win the next election. Or failing that, the one after.

It's a lame duck Liberal Party that will arise from the ashes of the Leadership race, with a lame duck leader.

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